• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 03

A colourful moment

I shall just take a moment,
To sit here for a while,
Soak in the honey glazed lavender sunset.

Just a mionaid.
To breath in the salty air and feel the zephyr cooling the back of my neck.
The lace on my dress caresses my calves.

I slip off my shoes and sink my toes into the grass,
Letting the small lush blades tickle my feet.

I feel grounded in this momento.
The weight of the worlds problems that I and many others feel burdened by melt away just as the sun appears to melt into the horizon.

Just a wakati.
To let my mind catch its own thoughts,
Align them, prioritise them.

Decide on a path that i wish to follow, then take it step by step.
Manawa by manawa.

Do i dare crawl through the tempting fence.
Was that hole made for me?

Inhaling a big deep belly breath of sea soaked air,
Curling my toes into the ground once more, i feel the smile creep on my face as this trenutak gives me the answers i so deeply craved.

I’m going to go for it.
Deep down i knew i would,
I just needed a hetki.

                    A beautiful moment.