• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 03
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Purring on my padded throne
                (a cushion squidgy soft).
               Oh, yes I have a lovely home
                I wave my paws aloft.
               Because I am a Persian Blue
               the outside world is banned.
               Mistress holds me in great esteem
               But does she understand
                to run and play is just my dream?

                Content with windows for my eyes
                I see things that others missed
                also I feel surprise
                when floating snowflakes
                white and crystal kissed
                melt into tiny lakes.
                A tissue here; newspaper there
                Blown by seasons weather.
                Sometimes I spot an angel's tear-
                a curling whirling feather.
                Life is good, I must impart
                I'm pampered, fed and warm.
                Yet there's a yearning in my heart
                - to race across the lawn!