• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 08

A cat is contradiction.

I really love you - No I don’t.
I’ll just leave you - No I won’t.
Leave me alone - But please stay.
Hurry back - Just go away.
You know, I don’t really care - My purring shows how much I care.
Oh how I just hate to be stroked - please keep stroking my glossy coat.
Feed me or don’t feed me, it's whatever - don’t stop feeding me ever!
Close those curtains it hurts my eyes - Open those curtains I've things to spy.
That scratching pad is such a bore - I couldn’t love this scratch pad more.
Take those silly toys away - Here’s my toys, come on let’s play.
Clip my claws? You’re out of your mind! - A pedicure? Why? How kind.
On the kitchen floor I’ll lay my head - I simply must sleep on your bed.
Your hugs do not me impress - I think I love your hugs the best.
Stop saying my name out loud! - Hearing my name makes me so proud.
Solitary I’m fine to be - here on your lap means the world to me.