• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 07

A Blade of Grass

Two sisters along the road I could see,
Caught in this moment of restful repose.
One gazes as a rainbow brightly glows,
Seeing in the distance all life’s beauty.

I thought I’d heard them play in Winchelsea,
Just that morning rousing the marketplace.
Such enchanting songs performed with such grace,
And yearning refrain though I did not see.

Yes it must be them these must be the two,
And here they are while the donkey looked on.
Crowned by coloured light now the storm had gone,
The fields touched as if by glistening dew.

And I saw their sign now, pity the blind,
So theirs was a hard road without leisure.
They seemed to accept what was their measure,
Of a life that had become thus defined.

Sisters together one blind one can see,
Caught in this moment of restful repose.
Here one holds just a single blade of grass,
Touching unseen all life’s hidden beauty.