• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 12

A Balancing Act

We are balanced just so,
eyes looking forward,
trying to keep it together.
If I hold you, will you hold me?
This is what family does, right?
What friends do?

We share our lives over cups of tea.
Your teapot has a leak today,
so I catch what falls,
but then, when my cup is too full,
with more than my shoulders can bear,
I let myself fall on the couch in a heap,
tell my love
all of the reasons why my heart aches
and craves only dollops of whipped cream
eaten right off the spoon,
how sending you a card
can’t possibly do much,
but it will mean less tea in my pot,
and maybe that is good.

The water is running now at a fast pace.
The sink is filling dangerously
close to the top,
so together, we let it drain,
put our phones on silent,
cuddle up together with pillows,


A Balancing Act

strategically positioned over our eyes
to block out the sun,
just for twenty minutes of rest.
A power nap, you say,
a break from seeing things.
These are the days
when I wish I could just watch paint dry,
relish the sweet boredom of it
and sit with that,
palms held together, as if in prayer.