• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 06

84 Heads

84 heads,
Up on the parapet.

Looking down,
At us, looking up to death.

Who counted
Them? Or do I mean us?

84 men,
Strings loosed, one by one, lost.

I lose language, terrified by the sight,
We lose each other, terrified by suicide.

Women and children first, they cried.
Did more men drown that terrible night?

Is it a war between who dies right?
We tear at the threads instead of gripping tight.

Hold fast to your nearest,
And even to your furthest.

We are all we ever have,
In trench and cage and camp -

Count on me, as I count on you,
Count on your brother, father, son -

Look to me, as I look to you,
To tell the truth we communally won -

84 heads
Are better than one.