• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 11
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Parts of you
you are a grounded woman
you share the same atoms as the stars
the moon is the glass pieces of your broken heart
you tilted the world to the moon,
to feel the waves coat your soul at noon.
forever mine,
I love the way your cells ache with fire.
I love the way you carry your roots with desire.
representing the ones before you.
The sun shining on the incremental parts of you.
reflection channeling the mosaic views.
your first life was in the renaissance, paintings drew the silhouettes of your unspoken art.
eclectic ambiance, the murals of life engraved in hues.
tattooed like the insides of the pyramids
she was guarded up,
hidden cues lie in protected creations.
now setting free like tidal waves
sunrises, eastside, brighter days.