• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 11
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                Determined as she is to find her place
                in a colony,

                she will make her way
to this honeycomb built into the hill,

                though she has no aspirations
                to be its queen,

                to go from cell to cell
extinguishing the lives of her sisters.

                It is collaboration she seeks,
                the swarm guarding,

                tending, coexisting
in densely stacked prisms of glass,

                this idea of foraging, rooms thick
                with revelation,

                the kind of home
where everything chances to bloom,

                though she risks romanticizing
                this notion

                of the collective.
How she recalls the need for self-

                enterprise, the need to shift
                her attention



                inward somehow,
within the cluster of so many lives.

                She’s been stung too many times
                to trust anyone.