• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 11
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The Mayhem Inside of You

a crumpled iceberg of soot –
a silhouette of your haphazard thoughts
appear and disappear like hallucinations
the darkness of my thoughts envelop
my being swallowing me into their gulfs
the matte skin of kinesthetic images pirouette
freely like shadows into the vacancy of mind
I rise and stumble on random obstacles
like a juggler, I juggle my planes in disjuncture
like creases that fold in your flesh
you drown into the heaviness of numbness
and estrangement from your own body
your feet rest on a restless raft lost in a river
do you see what’s behind this? do you
fathom the skyline in this grey haze? or
is it your trepidation haunting you, welding
the skies and the floor into a grey pool
of emptiness? thoughts as random as
objects scattered in your room, as disunited
as you from your clayen cage, as symmetrically
inconsistent as the skin maze on your fingers