• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 09
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We are electro cute:
we come as guitars, drumbeat; sometimes we drive fluorescent cars (you mad)
Fireworks turned loose
is the primal penetration of our poetry

We bury the wires deep in your nervous system
As pain sprouts over dark rivers
we don't waste moonlight
on innocence preheated
Make room in your bed for us

Where stars dance like shivers
and birds make nests from irony threads
rain is just restless water
and we are all wits – no heart
now let us be your shock absorber

grunts – excuse our language; this is infatuation supreme
Switch to sweet; the beauty of a moment is in our powers
Electro cute – with our kiss life turns too real
we love like we construct – don't ask

Our seduction
doesn't come free of charge
We'll drive you mad, mess with your control towers
then drive away in our fluorescent cars
Do yourself a favour: unplug us
and keep us as an empty shell – just that