• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 09
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a game

Did you love me? I held onto your hands in the dark. We looked like ghosts. Your lips kissed me. The lines got blurry. Our hands met. Our eyes inside of space. Blue flags. Pink cubes of distance. Green stems. I found me. An open window. I drove into the dark.

Why did you insist? I let go. The space came out of our eyes. I fell into you. I saw you falling. Trapezoids. Blue skies and your persistence. Circles of weight. We talked like machines. Floating clouds. Rosaries. Wind blowing leaves. Black fog.

I left. I saw your image floating. You rose up. We looked like ghosts. I disappeared. White space came out of me. A yellow rose in my hand. Fetal. You looked the other way. Separating time I lost you. Beads in my hands. I heard you amongst trees. Red stains.

You held me there. I let you rescue me. I said yes. I came to be. We kissed. We melted. We were there together. Crying. I fell asleep. A church stand. Fingers counting. A bird flew by. Black static.